Public Relations, Event Production, Media Relations

Company Profile


The r2 Latino Group, pronounced (R Squared), is a Hispanic-owned partnership specializing in public relations, media relations, marketing, community outreach and product promotion with a focus on emerging markets. With over 25 years of combined experience, r2 Latino Group brings knowledge and understanding of the highly desired and rapidly expanding emerging markets segment. Our approach is hands-on and team-oriented with a goal to dedicate the resources necessary to attain results for our clients. Because we look at the “Big Picture,” our programs are designed to compliment our client’s strategic objectives—delivering on time, on budget programs that reach the customer. And because we are a full service agency, we can handle all or part of your community development and outreach programs. The r2 Latino Group is solution driven. From concept development, public relations, media relations, community outreach programs to special events, conferences, promotions and anything in between, we provide turn-key services that make your budget look like more than the dollars spent.

Through extensive practical experience in these areas, we continually develop successful projects for our clients by maximizing budgets and resources. This approach has earned our company an expansive list of clients from airlines, transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, and a variety of small businesses.

Why r2 Latino?

  • We are a turn-key Latino agency
  • We provide personal one on one service
  • We deliver big ideas while remaining a niche agency with extensive knowledge of both the media and professional community

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